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Geopolitical Study Tour

Full and half day programs exploring the geopolitical realities of Jerusalem and the West Bank/Judea and Samaria. A wide range of options awaits those who seek to deepen their understanding of these realities: walking the Rooftops of the Old City, taking in the neighborhood around the grave of Shimon Hatzadik with its ownership issues stretching back a thousand years, visiting Palestinian dignitaries in Ramallah, seeing first- hand  the new Palestinian city of Rawabi, considered a “game-changer” by many observers, Israeli settlements such as Ariel and Ofra, the Shorashim Roots project of Palestinians and Settlers, traveling along Jerusalem’s Seam Line and meeting the personalities along the way. 

Multi Ethnic Jerusalem

guided walks through Jerusalem, exploring the varied make-up of the city, such as walking through Nachlaot, the most pluralistic neighborhood in all of Israel, or Katamon with its dramatic history, and along Prophets St, or walk through the German Colony, built by the German Templers in the late 1800’s, with their unique buildings and stories that have become part of Jerusalem’s lore.

Tel Kayfah

Ascend by jeep to the top of Tel Kayfah, believed by many to be the largest city built by King David.  This recently uncovered city is forcing archaeologists, historians, and Bible scholars to re-evaluate their understanding of how sophisticated the kingdoms of King David and King Solomon really were.  Experience the extraordinary finds, and hear the Biblical story of David and Goliath overlooking the Elah Valley, where this most famous of battles took place. 

Makom BaGalil Jewish Arab Circus

Visit the Makom BaGalil Jewish Arab Circus where Jewish and Arab high school students from the Galil train and perform together. The show is followed by an open dialogue and workshop with the circus participants

Shalom Hartman Institute

Premier think tank and leadership training institute in the Jewish world.  Meet the scholars who are doing cutting edge work redefining the conversation about Judaism in modernity, religious pluralism, Israeli democracy, Israel and world Jewry, and the relationship with other faith communities.

Design Museum in Holon

One of Israel’s newest museums in design and culture, which was created to challenge the visitors perspective of design and its use in everyday life. The museum is part of the transformation of the city of Holon to become one of leading cities of arts and culture in Israel.