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Makor is a division of IGT established by Ezra Korman, with the intention of creating and implementing content and educationally oriented travel programs to Israel and other destinations of Jewish interest around the world. The synthesis of IGT’s outstanding travel and administrative infrastructure with Ezra’s vast experience in developing and implementing unique and creative travel experiences to almost all points in the Jewish world puts Makor at the forefront of the educational travel field.

Be it a fun vacation for a family of five or an in depth seminar for 100 people or more, our job is to create the best possible travel experience in which each participant can enjoy, learn, be challenged and most importantly enrich their lives.

Makor means the Source – Come Journey with us.


People We Meet

Adi Ness

One of Israel’s most brilliant artists, shown in galleries around the world. Ness specializes in photographs which explore Israeli society and he has developed a series of photographs of modern life which capture Biblical scenes and motifs. His most famous piece recalls Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper, replacing the characters with young male Israeli soldiers.

Rachel Korazim

Considered by many to be the best teacher in Israel-Rachel Korazim brings to life Israeli texts that open worlds for those seeking a deeper understanding of the Israeli psyche, using poetry to unlock the secrets of Israeli life and history, and fearlessly presenting material which probes Israeli vulnerability. She is also outstanding at preparing visitors for Yad Vashem, Possible Special Treat-home hospitality in her Jaffa home where she uses the pictures on the wall as texts to explain Israeli and Jewish identity.

Said Abu Shakra

Founder and director of the Umm el Fahem Art Gallery. Said has dedicated his life to developing the arts and culture in the Israeli Arab community as well as creating meeting points and dialogue between Jews and Arabs in Israel.

Rabbi Michael Melchior

Former Member of Knesset, former Minister of Social and Diaspora Affairs and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chief Rabbi of Norway, Rabbi of Beit Boyer in Talpiot, Rabbi Melchior works tirelessly to facilitate social change for a shared and sustainable democratic society in Israel. Rabbi Melchior was an activist in the Meimad party, seeking to win the support of Orthodox Jews on behalf of taking risks for peace and representing the moderate camp of religious Zionism and today is deeply involved in interfaith dialogue with Christians and Muslims.

Eyal and Hanna Yizrael

Founders and owners of the Lone Farm Karmei Avdat - the Vineyards of Avdat, hear about the Yizrael’s dreams and how they made them come true by building their farm on the remains of an ancient farm– see how they grow their grapes in Biblical style, taste their wines and hear their stories on the backdrop of 4,000 years of history.


  • Hillel has used IGT for over 15 years to provide on the ground logistical, administrative and program support for its Taglit - Birthright Israel trips and for a number of Israel mission trips for our staff and volunteer leaders.  IGT’s knowledge and professionalism is very strong; they hire top notch staff and provide excellent support including great tour educators and logistical managers. They respond quickly and adapt to changes in plans or needs. Finally, their staff are warm, friendly and a pleasure to work with...   Hillel

    Aryeh Furst Chief Financial Officer
  • I am a "frequent flyer" with MAKOR Educational Journeys!  As a pulpit rabbi with over 30 years of experience leading groups of all ages and mixes to Israel, I believe that MAKOR is in its own league as a provider of meaningful encounters with the Land, People and State of Israel.  MAKOR's programs are uniquely crafted for every group, thoughtfully composed and executed smoothly and with superior customer service.  MAKOR listens and delivers invariably at the highest level.

    Rabbi Misha Zinkow Temple Israel, Columbus Ohio