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City of David

Deep underground, the City of David reveals some of the most exciting archaeological finds of the ancient world. Trek through knee high deep water in King Hezekiah’s 2,700 year old water tunnel, one of the wonders of early engineering.

Genesis Land

A brief glimpse of life at biblical times.
Visitors to Genesis Land are greeted by Eliezer, Abraham's manservant, and by a train of camels, which you can ride, leading you down to Abraham's tent, where you will experience his legendary hospitality, dinner and party.

Beit Guvrin National Park

How about an archaeological dig in a site that contains impressive remains of the Hellenistic period? The activity includes: digging, sifting, pottery examination and touring the National Park of Beit Guvrin with an exciting crawl through excavated cave systems.

Kayaking in the Jordan River

Enjoy a river adventure, comfortably rafting by and under riverside foliage, down the beautifully clear Hatzbani stream, later merging with the Banias stream to create the Jordan River, on which our rafting adventure continues.

Mitzpe Ramon Stargazing

Mitzpe Ramon is among the best locations in Israel (and in the world!) for stargazing. Why? Because down here, less is more: Less people, less cars, less streetlights and less businesses, meaning more darkness, more space, more stars, and a lot more time to watch the stars… So while you’re down here, try finding a free evening and join us for a rare opportunity to gaze into the endless, dark desert skies, with a private star observatory set up especially for you!