For families planning a celebration or a visit to Israel, IGT’s unique family division will plan a program for families of all ages, from grandchildren to great-grandparents. Our tour guides and educators are knowledgeable and personable, ensuring that all aspects of the tour exceed expectations.

If you choose to celebrate a meaningful family event, our event-planning team at IGT can design, organize and execute the perfect event. We also create additional programming for the guests who travel from abroad to attend.

Events and Locations

For bar or bat mitzvahs, weddings, and all tailor-made special celebrations, IGT can design, organize and execute the perfect, one-of-a-kind event. 

Our creative team constantly scouts the most exciting venues and activities to amaze even the most experienced visitor.

Here are some of our top recommendations:

Jerusalem Citadel

Jerusalem’s Citadel / “Tower of David”

Celebrate with your loved ones at an historical and archaeological asset of international significance. The Citadel is a medieval fortress with architectural additions from later periods. It is located near the Jaffa Gate, the historical entrance to the city and the point where the East meets the West. It bears cultural and architectural values and has been the symbol of the city of Jerusalem for generations.

Tish Olmaya views


Create your dream celebration, at a standard far beyond your expectations. At Olmaya, the completely transparent glass structure, surrounding manicured gardens of the Haas Promenade, breathtaking Biblical views, and easy accessibility, impeccable finishing and cutting edge amenities make Olmaya Jerusalem’s most attractive venue today.

Genesis Land

Genesis Land

A brief glimpse of life at biblical times, where you will experience Abraham style legendary hospitality, a rich biblical meal and a fully equipped dance floor for an amazing party and celebration.

Rooftop Restaurant5 (002)

Roof Top Mamilla

High above the city, the Rooftop Outdoor Lounge & Restaurant embraces the fresh Jerusalem breeze, while offering a magnificent view of the Old City. Mamilla Hotel offers everything needed for the event of your dreams with its distinctive contemporary décor and the original menus created by leading Israeli chefs. The Roof Top at the Mamilla Hotel is the perfect venue to add joy, elegance and character to a memorable celebration.

Beit Shmuel

Mercaz Shimshon: The Blaustein Hall - Beit Shmuel

The amazing hall is located and covered by a large glass dome with a panoramic window offering a spectacular view of the historic and moving scenery of Jerusalem’s Old City with the Jaffa Gate and the Tower of David at its center. Celebrate here, where your family and guests will have an experience that combine an authentic and exciting Jerusalem experience with a complete culinary pleasure.

Fun Ideas

Fun is a serious issue at IGT. We search out adventures which bring smiles and make for good stories. Check out some ideas here:


Flying Paraglider

Is it a plane? Is it a bird? Is it Superman? No, it is Paragliding!
Did you always dream to fly? IGT will make it come true with paragliding – the closest you can get to feeling like a flying bird. The experience is simple and most convenient and a great opportunity to feel and explore Israel from above.
Israel's geographic location makes it an excellent place for paragliding. Available all seasons at many locations overlooking the beautiful and enchanting landscapes of the country.


Recycling Workshop

Want to make art and save the planet at the same time? This family-friendly and educational workshop combines unusual materials from factories throughout the country, inspiring families to create something new from castaway substances. The workshop culminates in the group creating an original sculpture, a beautiful ecological, cultural, and social statement.


Amazing Race

Want to explore the country? See new sites? Pull out your own road map? Discover hidden secrets? Let IGT take you on a treasure hunt through old buildings, bustling squares, and exotic markets. As you and your team follow the clues, the country’s history and archeology come alive in a personal and interactive way.

Extreme Israel

If you like living on the edge, we can make it happen! Israel offers many opportunities for extreme adventure: krav maga courses in self-defense from Israeli masters, zip lines over the Jordan River, rappelling off of the walls of the Old City, off-roading in jeeps in the desert, and much more. You let us know your extreme threshold, and IGT will find your match!

שחיבר בריכת כדורים

The Israeli Children’s Museum

The children’s museum in Holon is not just for kids! In fact, many of the tours are tailored to family members of all ages. Tours include “Dialogue in the Dark” in which visitors are immersed in the rich sensory experience of complete darkness, and “At Eye Level,” an interactive experiential course about theater, movement and music. This museum offers unique unforgettable experiences for the whole family.



Get ready for 3 hours of activity of different active stations competing with each other - walking on large wood, spider web, rope pulling, jumping in sacks etc. followed by paintball tournament.


Tornado Boat

At Kibbutz Sdot Yam beach you can enjoy a ride on a Tornado Boat - the fastest boat in the Mediterranean hovering above the waves. Excitement-filled cruise, an unforgettable experience of adrenaline and fun. The cruise takes place along the coasts of Caesarea to the power station "Rabin Lights”.


Lantern Tour at Nimrod Fortress National Park

For those looking for an otherworldly adventure, this lantern tour is just for you! Our special night tour is illuminated with only the oil lamps you carry in your hands. As you wander through the halls, watchtowers and secret passages of the old fortress, listen to ancient mysterious tales. See the fortress in a whole different light, followed by the magic of moonlight and stars as your guides


  • We had a spectacular and special trip. IGT’s service overall was excellent. Thanks for making it as smooth as can be.

    Hannan Family
  • There are no words to describe what we experienced last week. The Bar Mitzvah celebrations and the whole trip was probably the most interesting and amazing thing I have done ever. My husband woke up and said ten times how special it was. Thank you IGT!

    Tawil Family
  • … we had such a beautiful Bar Mitzvah celebration! My son said he had the best weekend ever! And so did we! Thank you IGT, for the hard work and letting me do my thing and be the crazy detailed oriented person that I am...

    Cohen Family
  • Thank you IGT for an incredible trip, everybody was so pleased and most important my son said it was the best trip of his life. Thanks for helping make our Israel trip such a wonderful experience!!

    Elbaum Family
  • ... I wanted to tell you again what an amazing experience we all had in Israel! It was an unforgettable adventure that we will all reflect upon and remember so fondly. IGT’s expertise in planning our itinerary kept us on the go and seeing all the major sights. Everything ran smoothly and the hotels were great. Itzik was a wonderful guide! We gained so much knowledge and we all enjoyed his style of presentation. He was great to work with!

    Schopler Family